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Add CSS to HTML: How to Use Them Together?

With regards to a web page’s presentation, HTML comes with several limitations. With the growth in technology, Cascading Style Sheets also known as CSS has been introduced to serve as an easier way of styling HTML elements.

CSS makes it easy to make modifications by colors, size, backgrounds, text, space, outlines of elements, border, images, and several other properties.

The steps to add CSS to HTML are easy and straightforward. Although there are several ways you can use to add CSS to HTML, we have taken the time to explain them below. The styles you can make use of if you want to add CSS to HTML include inline style, internal or embedded style, and external style.

  • Inline Styles

This method of adding CSS to HTML involves applying styles to an element. This is achieved by adding the CSS styles into the start tag.

To make use of the inline styles, all you need to do is to add your desired style attribute to the specific element. Although this method is often discouraged as it makes the presentation a bit mixed up with the document’s content. This then makes website maintenance and updates difficult.

  • Internal or Embedded Style Sheets

Internal or Embedded style sheets, on the other hand, are designed to only affect the document they are embedded in. This method is used if one HTML page comes with a different style.

The embedded style is defined in the <style> element of the HTML’s head section. It is worth mentioning that there is no limit to the number of style elements you can define in the HTML head section.

  • External Style Sheets

Unlike the inline style, the external style sheet is usually applied to several pages. The external style sheet makes it possible to change an entire website’s look by simply changing only one file.

Here, every HTML page is expected to contain in the head section a reference link to the external sheet file. That said, you can attach the external style sheets in any of the following ways:

  1. Linking External Style Sheets

You can attach any external style sheet to an HTML element by using a link tag.

  1. Importing External Style Sheets

By using an import statement, you can attach an external style sheet and conveniently make use of its styles.

Advantages of Adding CSS to HTML


There are many advantages you get when you add CSS to HTML. Some of the advantages include the following:

  • It Saves Time

When you want to add CSS to HTML, all you need to do is to create one CSS file which will be used in styling all the HTML files. As a result, it saves time you would have used in styling the HTML files one after the other.

  • It has a Faster Loading Time

By adding CSS to HTML, the website will be able to cache files for visitors anytime they visit.

  • It Improves SEO

Once CSS is stored in a different file, it ensures that the HTML file is readable and concise for search engines to detect. As a result, the website is more likely to rank on google search engine results page.

Tips to Consider When Adding CSS to HTML

add css to html
  • When you link several external style sheets to a website, it tends to increase the site’s loading time.
  • It is ideal to use an inline style sheet when styling one element while when styling a page, an internal or embedded style sheet is best used.
  • Adding CSS to HTML helps in creating sites with uniform style and optimizing code.
  • External style sheets are more ideal for website design.
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