How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world

Many people have little knowledge about AI (Artificial Intelligence) but nowadays, we can see AI’s application in almost every walk of life. AI basically refers to machines that are capable of doing such tasks which require human level of expertise e.g. decision making. Machines programmed to perform tasks by the use of computer science programming to reflect human thoughts and actions by analysing data and surroundings, solving problems through it. AI has relieved humans of various repetitive tasks. It’s making work life easier and simpler by completely transforming traditional ways of business work throughout the world. Not in Businesses only but AI has wire application in the field of government, society and economy.

How artificial intelligence works?

Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence are designed to make decisions. Using digital data, sensors or remote inputs, they combine information from various different sources, analyze it instantly, and then act on the insights derived from those data. With improvements in processing speeds, storage systems and analytic techniques, they are capable of tremendous sophistication in analysis and decision making.

AI systems are capable of learning and adapting as they make decisions e.g. Google maps. A user can find shortest possible routes from anywhere for their destination with a complete guide and different options for map view.

Advantages of AI:

  • AI decreases the time taken to perform a task. It helps in multi-tasking making our workload easier for existing resources.
  • AI increases the capabilities of differently abled individuals.
  • AI operates 24×7 with no breaks or interruptions and has no downtime.
  • AI has great market potential, due to which it can be deployed across industries.
  • By making the process faster and smarter, AI facilitates the decision making.

AI is transforming world through:


Artificial intelligence can be easily found in our digital lives. People might not have any idea about it yet. Moreover, the momentum behind AI is already building. Massive amounts of data that computers can gather about likes, purchases and movements of each other every day which has helped a lot in designing unique and successful business strategies. Specialists and Researchers in artificial intelligence research use all such data to train machines which helps in learning and predicting what we want to make our lives easier, better and faster.


One of the biggest and trending platform i.e. Netflix. You can just sit on the couch and enjoy ordering up a custom movie featuring virtual actors of your choice. Meanwhile, film studios may enjoy the benefits of a reliable future without flops that is having sophisticated predictive programs which will analyze a film script’s forecast and storyline’s box office potential.


Advancements in Artificial Intelligence algorithms have enabled and facilitated hospitals and doctors to better and quickly analyze data and then customize their health care according to the environment, lifestyle and genes of each patient. From rapidly diagnosing a disease to deciding which cancer treatment will work best for an individual, AI has evidently brought a massive medical revolution.


Companies are basically struggling to keep themselves ahead of hackers. USC experts say the self-learning and automation capabilities enabled by AI can protect data more systematically and affordably, keeping people safe from terrorism or even smaller-scale identity thefts and threats. AI tools basically look for patterns associated with malicious computer programs and viruses to steal massive amounts of information.


Artificial intelligence is commonly being used in online shopping which has eased an access to marts without being physically there. This helps in providing various personalised recommendations to users, based on the user’s previous searches, likes and purchases.


Smartphones use AI to provide personalised services which are very common for people who have very busy routines. AI assistants are capable of helping users to organise their daily routines without any difficulty and are capable of answering questions too.


AI-based language translation software has made it possible to view content in any language as it provides translations, language detection and subtitling.


AI has been used in identifying outbreaks, tracking the spread of the disease and processing healthcare claims.


Negative Impacts

The AI is basically programmed to do something devastating. Free weapons are artificial intelligence systems that are programmed to kill. Nevertheless, in the hands of the wrong person, these weapons could easily cause mass casualties. Moreover, an AI arms race could lead to chances of an AI war that also results in mass casualties. To reduce the chances of being baffled by the enemy, these weapons would be designed to be extremely difficult to simply “turn off,” so humans could lose control of such a situation. This risk is one that’s present even with narrow AI, but we can observe that it grows as levels of AI intelligence and autonomy increase. Humankind has to be technical in the era of globalization. With the service of AI, we can just program the machine to perform routine tasks for us without even lifting a tool. AI has replaced the need for people to meet face to face for idea exchange, decision making, coordinating with new projects etc. through which we can see that human closeness is gradually diminishing. Unemployment is the next issue because many human-able tasks have been replaced by machinery. Wealth inequality is common as the investors of AI take up the major share of the earnings. This eventually increases the gap between rich and poor.


Positive impacts

However, there are a lot of positive impacts of AI on humans especially in the field of healthcare. AI gives computers the capacity to learn, reason, make decisions and apply logic. This helps in offering reliable and safe systems of health-care delivery. Health professors and medical researchers have aimed to find new and efficient ways of treating diseases to ease their work. Moreover, Not only can the digital computer assist in analyzing, robotic systems can also be created to do some delicate medical procedures with precision and accuracy.




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