How are Chatbots shaping the future of Customer Care?



Chatbots are bringing a rapid and positive change in customer care service. They are transforming the future of customer care in a way that everyone expects. The quick and accurate response to queries has satisfied a lot of customers who are expecting an immediate response to their general queries. This way customer’s expectations have increased by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, hoteliers are using chatbots to deliver real-time customer care along with industries who are also using chatbots to provide excellent customer care to their customers. However, it is evident that those businesses who do not have chatbot service for customer care will be left behind in many ways and will face consequences accordingly.


Chatbots impacts on customer care


Due to chatbots, there is no longer need for live chatting and other traditional forms of communication such as phone calls, emails etc. This helps in immediate response to customers preventing delays in replies and hence satisfies customer’s expectations. If any brand fails to do so, they may lose leads and fail to compete in the market as there are many gates opened for the customers who may be attracted to only those brands from which they get great response even outside the business hours.

For instance, if a bot is not capable of answering to any query then the query will be forwarded to a human agent who will reply to the customer’s query at the moment. This saves time, increases productivity and prevents heavy reception workload for the employees.

Responses outside the business hours are only possible through chatbots which adds efficiency to brands. This way, customers don’t have to wait for hours to get a response from voicemail or emails as chatbots are available 24/7.

Automated chatbots have made it possible to record the information of customer’s preference and other details which later could be used to provide the preferred service to the client. Helpful reports could be made from chatbot’s updated and latest data which will help in improving and customizing customer care services easily and rapidly.

In an automated chat, the right message is delivered to the respective agent. Chatbox understands the context of the conversation in order to assign the message to the right agent. For instance, if the query is related to booking, the bot will be transferring the message to the reservation’s team. This leads to queries being solved more efficiently, satisfying the customer.

Chatbots have reduced the communication gap to a broader extent and companies who face downfall due to it are not facing this issue because of virtual assistants (Chatbots)

This self-learning feature is outstanding as it is controlled by AI and machine learning which allows the virtual assistant to give approximate replies to questions that it has not been prepared for so it can gradually correct them.

Lastly, chatbots are restricted to some rules. Therefore, they always treat a customer in a mindful, and tolerant way no matter how harsh the individual is.


Chatbot and customer care

1. Hipmunk: It is a platform that offers people to search for travel deals, rent cars, book flights, hotels, or packages. To help people search and reserve more easily, Hipmunk created its “Hello chatbots” that can be integrated with Facebook, Skype or Slack. it’s Chatbox is evidently a very cool and effective one. The bot uses the visitor’s location to send them amazing travel deals from that location accordingly. Hipmunk’s chatbot also shares maps, allowing users to ensure the bot has determined the right location. Moreover, the Hipmunk Facebook Messenger Bot uses friendly, conversational language that mimics how you might speak to a human travel agent.

2. NatGeo Genius: ilIn order to promote National Geographic’s new TV show ‘Genius’ (chronicling the lives of figures like Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso) the show’s Facebook page created a Messenger bot which performs conversations with users in the voice of the featured Genius. This bot replies with information about the show and quips about relativity and other topics Einstein studied. Today, the bot has generated stellar engagement, including 6 to 8-minute average conversations, 50% user re-engagement, 11 turns per conversation and an involved community of followers. Like other chatbots, it created the feeling of a one-to-one conversation.

3. Whole foods: Whole Food’s Facebook Messenger Bot provides products, recipes and cooking inspiration. Whole Foods basically makes it easy for users to quickly get the kind of recipe they’re looking for. As soon as the filters have been selected, the bot directs users to the related company’s website. Furthermore, Whole Foods’ bot is capable of replicating a normal (human-to-human) messenger conversation and provides users a shortcut to specific recipes using emojis.

4. LeadPages: It’s an industry leader in drag-and-drop landing page creation which started using chatbots to convert site visitors from casual browsers to a middle of funnel product comparison page. It provided a quick and required response by navigating visitors from browsing to content that could help them evaluate LeadPages as a possible solution.

5. TechCrunch: It uses chatbots to send the content a user want. The TechCrunch bot records the types of articles a user usually reads and then provides the type of content according to user’s choice. The chatbot offers users to pick the number of times they would prefer to receive new content, along with the type of content they desire to get (specific authors etc.).

6. Duolingo: It is a popular freemium language-learning app, which helps people in practicing a new language. However, Duolingo created a native chatbot in its app to provide assistance to users in learning conversational skills and practicing whatever they learned through the app. Bot are basically friendly and conversational too. This enables duolingo learners to practice conversation at any time of the day, with character of their choice and it prepares them to be confident enough to practice a new language without any difficulty. The bot has provided assistance to a broader extent and people are highly satisfied using it as it has great features for free.


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