Discord chat exporter

How to export your chats using Discord chat exporter

What Is Discord?

Discord is a voice and text communication platform for gamers.

Discord is the platform for audio or text communication for gamers. It provides functionality like discussing games while playing, In-game chat, question-answer between developer and player, etc.

Discord Chat Exporter:

“DiscordChatExporter is employed to export message history from Discord channel into a file. It works for each direct message chat and lodge chats, supports markdown, message grouping, and embeds, attachments, mentions, reactions, and different options. It works with each user and larva tokens, supports multiple output formats, and permits you to trim messages by dates.”


  • Provide GUI
  • Provide CLI
  • Works with both user and bot tokens
  • Exports messages without buffering
  • Allows exporting messages in a specified range
  • Renders to HTML TXT, CSV, JSON
  • Supports file partitioning based on message count
  • Uses custom markdown parser compatible with Discord syntax
  • Handle all features like attachments ,emojis ,embeds etc.

How Do You Download Channel Chat Logs and Direct Messages From Discord?

Step 1:

Download Discord chat exporter from the given link. Click download to start download

Step 2

After downloading, extract the files. There is a large number of files in it; it will take some time to extract all of the files. When all the files are extracted, run “.exe” files.

Step 3

When you run the “.exe” file, it will open a new window. It will contain all the instructions you need to install the file. Read all the instructions carefully and follow them.

Step 4

Open your Discord app and press “CTRL+Shift+I”. This road can open the developer’s menu. It’s the new menu that may seem on the correct facet of your screen. Head to the insufficient arrows on the top of the choices menu. It’s like this “>>”. Choose it and press “Application”.

Step 5

Click on the arrow and select “local Storage”. Now select the Discord app. It will open a new window.

Now, look for the file named “Token”. If you are unable to found the app then press “CTRL+R”. It will open the Token at bottom of the menu.

Step 6:

Click on the link at the Bottom and copy it. Now you have grabbed the token.

Step 7:

Paste the link on the window that was opened in step 3.Click “OK” after pasting.

Step 8

Now you have downloaded the software. It will open all the channels in the discord, select the channel that you want to backup

Step 9

 Opt for the format and dates. If you would like to avoid wasting each chat you have got, leave the dating possibility empty. Currently, choose “Browse” to settle on wherever you would like the code to avoid wasting your chat history. Persist “Export” after you square measure able to transfer all the chats. If your channel is large, it’ll take a short time for all the files to transfer. But, if there isn’t an excessive amount of occurring, this method can go quickly. 

That’s it! Now head to the folder wherever you downloaded all the files and choose the channel you would like to scan. The code can open your chat history within the browser together with the photographs you received.

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