Clear Your Confusion: Is HTML a Programming Language?

Differentiating between HTML and programming languages can be a mammoth task if you are not much into technical stuff. There has been a debate on whether HTML is a programming language or not for a long time, and it’s ongoing. If you have heard about HTML, you may be confused about what kind of language it is. Here, I shed light on the differences between HTML and programming languages to clear your confusion.

What is HTML?

HTML is defined as an example of a markup language and a key building block used in web development. HTML encloses data through HTML tags, and this describes to the web browser how the content ought to appear on the web page. In other words, web browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer display content as described by the HyperText Markup Language (HTML).


What is a Programming Language?

A programming language is a language used in computer programming. It is responsible for enabling you ( a computer programmer) to write instructions that the computer has to execute. The process of writing these instructions or commands can be called coding. The written commands are the code. Examples of programming languages include python, java, C, Visual Basic, e.t.c.

Why HTML is Not a Programming Language

Logical operations are not the same

A programming language involves the use of logic. The code written will determine what the computer will produce as output. On the other hand, HTML does not include any use of logic. It is just responsible for structuring the content of web pages. In other words, programming languages can do logical and mathematical calculations, which HTML can not.

Techniques or statements found in programming languages are absent in HTML

A programming language involves the use of variables, classes, arrays, and loops, all of which are not found in HTML. This makes HTML different from programming languages. There are also statements like else, if, else…if that is used when using programming languages. These statements are not used in HTML.

Keywords in programming languages are the essential building blocks, while in HTML, they are not

A programming language has its set of keywords that make it possible to send instructions to a computer. On the other hand, HTML has HTML tags that make it possible to display content on a web page in a certain way.

A programming language is capable of manipulating data, whereas HTML is not

Be it modifying data or manipulating it, a programming language is the way to go. With the HyperText Markup Language, however, this is not possible. There is no data manipulation or modification of any kind.


A programming language is quite complex to use. You should first be familiar with it to know its keywords and syntax to use it. Most importantly, you need to be able to code to use a programming language. On the contrary, HTML requires you to use plain text code and HTML tags to structure web pages’ content.

In Conclusion

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Overall, HTML is not a programming language, but it’s a markup language. It is used in web development and is excellent to use. Although many people think HTML is a programming language, it is far from it. From the differences between HTML and other programming languages compiled above, you can see that HTML is a markup language, not a programming language.

If you want to use HTML and worry about your coding abilities, you don’t have to worry. You have to learn one or two things about this markup language, and you will be good to go. It doesn’t involve using complex algorithms like programming languages unless you want to use it with programming languages for better web pages.

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