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What is HTML? All About the Basics of Web Development

In this twenty-first century, the worldwide web has become popular. Every day people are searching on the web. This is made possible through the use of languages like HTML and CSS used in web development. HTML is pretty popular in web development and is the fundamental basic building block in web development. Because of its popularity, the chances are that you have come across it at one point in time, though you may not have realized it. This article gives you a clear definition of what is HTML and how it is used in web development.

What is HTML?

The abbreviation HTML represents HyperText Markup Language. If you want to create web pages, this markup language is what you need to use. It is responsible for structuring web pages and the content of the web pages. This language is the one that can enable you to have content that your audience can easily read on your page if you’re a blogger or content creator.

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HTML tags are a key component of HTML. They are bracketed commands, < >. If you enclose a word or words in HTML tags and insert commands in the brackets, you’ll influence how they appear on the web page. They can be italicized or maybe put in a paragraph, depending on the command you give. If you want to insert media like video on your web page, you simply have to put vid inside the tags like: <vid>

HTML Elements

If you’re a web developer, there’s probably a way that you would want the content to appear on a web page. HTML has elements responsible for structuring or organizing content to appear exactly how you want it to appear. HTML elements are the ones that define parts of the content and determine whether a piece of content is a heading, paragraph, e.t.c. HTML elements can also be made of media like image, video, or audio.

HTML Attributes

HTML attributes are essential components of this markup language as they further describe elements. If you have ever wondered how an image can be made to appear at the center or left side of a web page, HTML attributes are responsible for that. They are essential as they help your page to display content the way you like.

Why HTML is Vital in Web Development

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Web browsers understand it.

Be it Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, e.t.c, HTML is a language that web browsers can easily understand. This makes it the ideal markup language for web development.

Makes searching easier.

The good thing about HTML is that it makes the magic of finding searched items on the internet possible. This is done through the various search engines like the “famous ” Google.

What Does it Take For HTML to Become a Web Page?

If you want to develop a web page using HTML, you don’t need to have a special computer or professional coding abilities. You’ll just need your computer, and it should have at least a text editor or word processor application installed in it. 

To create a web page using HTML, type the HTML code in a text editor or word processor app and, after that, save it with .html at the end. All you will be left with is hosting the HTML files online. Bear in mind that this will produce static web pages. If you want advanced pages, you can use HTML with additional programming languages.

In Short

HTML is a key building block in web development and is one of the languages you might consider learning. Whether you’re a blogger, web developer, marketer, or computer geek, this language is a lot of fun to learn and use. Knowledge of HTML comes with advantages you do not want to miss.

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