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7 Popular & Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

Even the best web developers will agree that a good framework makes work easier and helps deliver quality. PHP is a programming language for developing applications and websites, and its framework provides reusable codes used in web development. Generally, PHP frameworks provide pre-packed functions that create a platform for developing web applications. Here is a list of the seven best and most popular PHP frameworks for web development. 


Laravel has come to be one of the most popular and established names in the web development industry. This PHP framework has been at the forefront of the market for the past nine years delivering nothing but excellence. Laravel owes its dominance to its remarkable capability to handle complex web applications. 

It has the sheer ability to work swiftly without compromising security. Common features of Laravel are strong encryption packages, Lumen, and Homestead. It also helps simplify tasks such as routing, authenticating, and sessions. To make it easy to work with, Laravel has made online tutorials available to benefit its users.

Zend Framework

The Zend PHP framework comes with handy tools that help simplify web development. Such tools include authentication, forms, and other services. Zend Framework is customizable thus suitable for developers who intend to incorporate specific functions. 

Zend Framework - PHP frameworks

Despite being one of the most complexes and challenging to learn PHP frameworks, Zend is highly concentrated on enterprise applications. It has an easy drag and drops function, additional coding tools, and online debugging tools that are very useful in web development.


Symphony is also one of the most popular and best PHP frameworks for web development today. It leads the PHP framework world for almost fifteen years as one of the best picks for enterprise assignments. It has reusable components. Symphony is highly suitable for templating, authentication, and object configuration.

Well-known management systems such as OroCRM and Drupai use significant components of the Symphony PHP framework in their web development systems. Convenient online tutorials are available to help you learn how to use the Symphony framework.


As its name suggests, Slim is a microframework intended for small applications. It tops the charts as the best supportive framework. Its noncomplex features make it easy to use, even for beginners. Developers use Slim to develop RESTful API’s and web applications.

Even though it, not a full-stack framework, Slim has quite brilliant features suitable for its purpose. These features include cookie encryption, URL routing, sessions, and client-side HTTP caching. This PHP framework constitutes a complete package with everything a developer needs to develop a fully functional web application.


Codelgniter is a consistent, reliable, and dependable PHP framework. Owing to its simplicity, most big businesses in the technology and entertainment industries prefer using it for web development. Its lightweight framework feature makes it very easy to learn and use. It also helps save time for web developers, as it requires minimal configuration and has a laid-back installation process. 

Including all its documentation, the Codelgniter PHP framework is only two megabytes. Do not let its size fool you; Codelgniter is one of the most powerful of its kind. It is not only faster than other frameworks, but it also handles errors quite easily and has simple encryption steps. 


FuelPHP is a framework that places great emphasis on security and thus its popularity. Its unique features attached to its primary focus include output encoding and URI filtering. It also has an HMVC implementation and vulnerability protection function.

Between the View and Controller layers, FuelPHP has an additional class called the Presenter class. This layer is required to hold the logic for the generation of reviews. Other features of this framework include the URL routing system and caching system. 


Released in 2012 is the Phalcon PHP, one of the fastest frameworks ever. Initially, the programming languages used to write it were C and C++. This framework has unique, modernized features that make it stand out as one of the best. 

It has exceptional asset management, ORM, universal auto downloader, and routing query language features. Its exclusive features are a major requisition for web developers to meets today’s market demands. Phalcon is also very fast because it requires less space.

Final Verdict

php frameworks
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Every PHP framework has its unique features tailor-made to suit the diverse needs of web developers. The PHP framework of choice depends on the requirements of the project at hand. It also depends on the developer’s skill level, as some frameworks are easier to use than others are. 

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