PHP vs Python

PHP vs Python: The Difference Explained

PHP vs Python differences are vital as they are both high-level programming languages that provide programmers with a strong open background and design documentation that are easy to understand. 

When it comes to PHP vs Python, PHP is more often used by programmers for website development while Python on the other hand is used generally as it is regarded as a full-stack programming language. 

Also, PHP vs Python are both scripting languages, however, PHP uses the server-side, while Python uses the object-oriented scripting language. 


php vs python

PHP which is most recently known as Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language used by programmers to create sites with ease. 

The basic benefit of using PHP is its availability on shared hosting providers. 

PHP provides a good search engine rating and it is easy to access on hosting providers. 

Syntax and Semantics

The PHP syntax and semantics are embedded code techniques designed to embed codes directly into a content document. However, these embedded codes have been replaced by template files that function even with complex projects. 

A disadvantage of PHP is that it permits the usage of implicit type conversion which is a weak type of system. Nonetheless, PHP is a high-level language that is robust and provides a user base as well as strong distributions. 


The language is not just popular, but object-oriented. Also, PHP is derived from C based syntax. As a result, both codes and modules of functions are enclosed into an object. 


Extensions are used that cache compiled bytecode is used in the prevention of compiling source codes on each request. 


php vs python

Unlike PHP, Python cannot be used as a web scripting language as it has a general-purpose language as we mentioned earlier. Just like PHP, it comes with an open-source background. 

Python provides you with flexibility with the aid of its web framework such as the Zope application. However, it requires more effort by programmers when working on a project. 

Syntax and Semantics

Python uses various web frameworks like WSGI and CGI, thereby neglecting the support and application of web development. 

These frameworks aid in changing both the structure of the web application and does not disrupts the source code. 

However, the WSGI which stands for Web Server Gateway Interface is difficult to use especially for novice programmers. 

Python language is composed of an object-oriented paradigm and it also supports functional and procedural programming. Also, its syntax is easy and straightforward and it has a strong type system that functions using explicit techniques. 


When it comes to readability, Python is better.   It features commands that are similar to the words used in normal English. Also, it is aspect-oriented, leading to separate functionality of its modules. 


It has a web application system that is cached. However, for python, its caching system is referred to as Memcached. 

The Major Differences Between PHP and Python

For PHP vs Python, PHP is more popular and more used. 

Both of these languages are readable, however, Python is easier to maintain when compared to PHP. Also, Python comprises just a few keywords. 

Even though PHP has security, it permits bad programming practices that transcend to so many security-related bugs. Dissimilar to PHP, Python has features that provide more security. 

PHP does not offer functional paradigms, while Python supports functional programming. 

In Python, there is a provision for exception handling and is not so with PHP. 

PHP has a greater function with the feature of a yield statement, and this is not the same with PHP.


php vs python

PHP vs Python is used differently for different purposes. Python is more inclined to science and graphics with its full-stack programming language while PHP is mostly inclined to web development. 

These two languages both have their pros and cons, but Python is more flexible whereas PHP has restrictions to some extent. 

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