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How to be ready for React JS Jobs in 2021

This post-covid world is completely based on paperless work enforcing a ‘new normal’ on everyone. Therefore, Tech jobs are highly available with a handsome salary. Where everyone is looking for highly paid jobs with the right spot to apply their tech skills, seeking a job in React JS is still one of the most demanded jobs. But it has been observed that many JS developers fail to meet the requirements of React JS jobs. Henceforth, this article is for you. This article will be providing you with such golden tips that will help you focus upon the key areas needed to improve being a JS developer. This will for sure help you a lot during the interview for React JS Job.

What is React JS?

react jsReact JavaScript (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is a comprehensive open source and free front-end library. It was developed by Facebook in 2011. It is commonly used for manufacturing  reusable and complex UI components or mobile user interfaces. It is usually maintained by a community of individual companies and developers and also by Facebook. React can also be available on the server using Node and power mobile apps using React Native. Developing React JS applications usually requires the use of additional libraries, as well as certain client-side functionality.


Why are React JS jobs are Highly demanded? 

It is because nearly 9,000 companies worldwide like Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, PwC, Netflix, Udemy, Amazon, Twitter use JavaScript for developing effective web, mobile and desktop apps. 

What Skills you must have being a JS developer?


  1. Owning excellent command of JavaScript which is extremely important for understanding and comprehending the flow and architecture of various service components and app features.
  2. Understanding and having a firm command over the component lifecycle,Virtual DOM, JSX and other major concepts.
  3. Ensuring that all the business/project requirements meet technical specifications, ending up building an app that highly satisfies your customer expectations. 
  4. Potential to write concise and clear code. This skill is crucial and vital to simplify app development and app sophisticated design. 
  5. Teamwork is required everywhere especially in React development. Therefore, you must be able to plan and execute tasks appropriately which is essential for meeting project deadlines and results in increasing project productivity. This consistency is required almost everyday working for a JavaScript project. 
  6. Clear knowledge of libraries, frameworks and tools like Create React App, Git, Material Kit React, SVN, React Router, Mercurial, Redux is a must.
  7. You should follow the Google JavaScript Style Guide and other relevant best practices for being a good JS developer.
  8. ES6, HTML/CSS are the basic requirements for a frontend developer.
  9. Ability to use the DevOps instruments needed to streamline software delivery and management in production.
  10. You must have a creative mind with excellent communication skills and open-mindedness that will help you to deliver your ideas with your teammates and work productively upon them.
  11. Being a successful or progressive developer you must never lose a desire to learn new tools as being a developer you will always have to keep yourself updated about the new advancements emerging everyday.
  12. Develop flexibility in absorbing other’s (teammates) opinions and implementing it rightly which will increase the app’s productivity.
  13. Problem-solving skills are vital for every programmer to collaborate and so are required for a successful team of React JS developers. This will also maintain your React JS job sustainability.

What could be the common interview questions for React JS Jobs?

If you are preparing for React JS job interview, you must have command and right knowledge about the following questions:

  • What is React JS?

(Mentioned at the beginning of this article)

  • Why are components so essential for React?

Components are the building materials which are used to create application and website UI’s. They are responsible for React’s fast and effective performance speeds. Components break down a UI into reusable parts which is one of React’s core competencies. It is then rendered by React to each User Interface component as needed.

  • What are stateless components?

Stateless components are reusable components that render Document Object Model, according to the properties provided to them. Hence, the output of the component is mainly a function of the properties provided to it.

  • What are React Events?

React events are reactions that occur by specific user actions like hovering a mouse over a User Interface object, clicking on a UI button, using keyboard commands with the UI, etc.

  • What do you Know about Flux?

Flux is an architectural pattern that controls derived data. It restricts direct access to the shared data which maintains unidirectional data flow and data integrity. However, the flux pattern is generic. Complex User Interfaces do not suffer from cascading updates with the Flux pattern; any given React component will be able to rebuild its state according to the data provided by the store.

  • What is JSX?

JSX is basically an HTML-like syntax that lets developers write HTML style code by using JavaScript. This can serve as a helpful tool for reducing overall code complexity.

Note: In official React documentation, Facebook actually encourages using JSX.

  • What are the common debugging tools used in React JS?

Debuggers (React Developer Tools)

Linters (eslint, jslint)

Chrome Dev Tools and the Console

Debugger and Breakpoints

  • What is REDUX?

Redux is a library that helps developers to build web applications that are easier to test and perform. It can easily be used with React or any other UI (User Interface) library, adding a solid structure to React code, making your code easier and simpler to maintain. It includes developer tools that will allow you to track your web application’s performance in real time. Like React, Redux has a strong community support and a strong ecosystem.

  • Can you share some drawbacks of React JS?

React JS is not a full-blown framework. ReactJS uses JSX that allows HTML mixed with JavaScript due to which new developers feel difficulty and complain about its complexity. It is not enough for some projects.

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