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5 Crucial SEO Trends to Not Miss in 2021

With the unpredictability of search engine user intent and behavior, SEO trends are ever dynamic. Thus the importance of staying informed with the latest trends. The COVID19 pandemic caught everyone by surprise, making trends rapidly change. It would be interesting trying to imagine what the trends would be like in 2021. In this article, I shall be discussing SEO trends and what not to miss in 2021.

1. Concentration on High-Quality Content

To stand out, high-quality content is a must-have for your website. This is unlikely to change come 2021. With this greater masses of people flocking to the website, high traffic is generated, leading to the likes of google ranking your pages. Thus more focus on the web visitor experience through pleasing creations is the way to go. Also, remember that high-quality content increases your brand’s visibility; therefore, its importance can never be stressed enough.

2. The Search Engine Results Pages Will Get Consolidated

The current search engine results pages are different from the ones generated some years back. Thus the same changes are projected to take effect. An increase in ad shares has been on the rise such that it is likely to be the order of the day come 2021. In addition to this, answer boxes and featured snippets are going to an extent their dominion in receiving thousands of clicks a day. 

Interesting user behavior has been the increase in zero-click searches. After all, who does not want a quick answer from a search without clicking on a link to visit a web page? Come 2021, and this is projected to make SEO even more challenging. Thus in order to keep traffic levels within check, implement omnichannel marketing and long-tail keywords.

3. Keyword Research Will be More Important in 2021

Google search algorithm presses high emphasis on keywording for the relevant pages to appear on a search. Keyword remains the backbone of SEO strategies; thus, an upgrade in keyword research strategy would be crucial come 2021. This can be done by integrating some tools in preparing a master keyword list, e.g., Google Keyword Planner. Another important point is to place emphasis on topics instead of just keywords. From this, you will be able to draw the secondary keywords.

4. Influencers Will Improve Your Site’s Engagement Metrics

Getting influencer endorsements will have a positive impact on your site’s engagement metrics. These engagement metrics are used as measurements by analyzing your content’s effectiveness based on its quality. In summary, some important engagement metrics are bounce rate, comments, social shares, return visits, and time on page. Through this, google would dub your business trustworthy, thus having a higher ranking, higher traffic, and conversions. 

5. Voice Search Optimisation (VSEO) Will Dominate

Voice search dynamics have taken the business world by storm. We have got 60 % of smartphone users who have used the services at least once a year. Teenagers, in particular, constitute a larger group (55%) who use voice search daily. In fact, by 2022, voice-oriented shopping is predicted to reach a whooping $40 billion! That is having been said, the year 2021 is projected to have voice-based searches in the form of direct questions dominating SEO.

In Short

seo trends

Thus be on the lookout for these 5 trends as we bid bye-bye to 2020. To have an upper edge throughout the rest of 2021, applying some principles in sync with the discussed trends would cement this. After all, in business, a start with a big bang is better than a finish with one due to a slowed growth rate towards the year-end. 

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