Slay the spire twitch integration

Learn tactics of Slay The Spire Twitch Integration

What is Slay the Spire?

Slay the spire was developed by Mega Crit. It is a deck-building game in which users climb the spire, encounter enemies and bosses. The game primarily about survival, collecting cards, and building a powerful deck to wipe out your foes. This game also has mods that you can download and play with via聽Steam Workshop.

Slay the spider twitch integration:

Twitch integration mod for slays the spider works via the streamer in-game chat commands. It is an extension of twitch integration that converts the basic game to slay the spire. It helps the user to choose moves, vote in-game, and chat monsters can speak through the game when alive.

Connect to Twitch:

1: Connect to Twitch Channel. 2: In the main menu of Infernium, click on Twitch.

3: Fill in the Twitch Username, Twitch Channel, and Twitch Oauth along with your own credentials. If you do not recognize or haven’t got associate Oauth however, you’ll cotton on simply here! ensure to not show your Oauth throughout the stream or otherwise some evil individuals may betray the in-game legal system of Infernium.

4: Click “Connect to Twitch” and open twitch chat and write something. make sure everything is correct, see the CONNECTION SUCCESSFUL status!

If the connection failed then check credentials that you enter the correct user name?

Once the twitch is integrated, simply play the game! Once you harvest a finger price of sunshine 3 choices whereas seeming within the higher left corner of your screen. Your chat can have sixty seconds to vote between them. They vote by writing “1”, “2” or “3” while not the quotation marks.


路         Chat In The Corner:

It creates a chat window on the left side of the screen that allows users to see the past 15 lines of messages from your Twitch chat.

路         Viewers on Bottom of Screen:

It creates 3D avatars of viewers to run around at the bottom of the screen. They can be customized with keywords.

路         Emotes Above Customers:

Customers of the shops can create their own characters using Emotes by typing commands

路         Accept Chat Effects from Viewers:

Viewers will build the streamer’s character do bound actions by writing keywords.

路         Name Wild Animals after Viewers: 

Untamed animals can have random viewers’ names higher than them. Integration settings will be adjusted or disconnected at any time. Installation directions To get mods running…

Installation Instructions

To get mods running…

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