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7 Social Media Strategies to Boost Your Online Presence

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you name them; all play a significant role in brand marketing. With time drawing close to the lowering of curtains in 2020, many have been trying to anticipate what the business year will be like in 2021. One big favor you could do for your business is to plan ahead on strategies you could use to boost your online presence in 2021. This article will focus on 7 social media strategies to boost your online presence in 2021 to have a better audience.

1. Set Social Media Marketing Goals

Social media receive quite a large share of the pie regarding user numbers, so it has become a marketing choice by most marketers. To put this in numbers, 90.4% constitutes millennium generation users while 77.5% is generation X . Which brings us to the importance of setting social media marketing goals to make use of this large share of the pie. Factors guiding the goals include company size and competitors. The marketing goal identifies ways to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your business, thus generating revenue for your business.

2. Develop a Specific Content Theme

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A content theme is the driving base for your brand and often defines the brand value among the audience. In addition to this, it improves consistency on your content, therefore, enhances value. It is then essential to figure out what attractive content theme to bring onboard for your brand. Emphasis on user-generated content can never be stressed enough to come up with a content theme. Paying attention to the needs of the audience is also crucial.

3. Analyse Your Competitors

Analyzing your competitors is essential when coming up with a business plan. It remains significant during the actual marketing phase. Developing social media strategies must include an analysis of competitors on the platforms. Studying their strategy while keeping a close eye on their marketing behavior and seeing if similar tactics could benefit your brand is the way to go. The good thing about competitor analysis is that you could use rapid analysis tools with fast results.

4. Regularly Analyse Social Media Metrics

To analyze social media metrics, start by looking at the reach of your posts. Social media reach signifies the number of those unique visitors that get to see your posts on the platforms. Remember, this can vary with each post, but your target has to be those posts holding the highest numbers of unique visitors. From this, draw up some lessons and aim for every post to have the same attraction level. Lastly, an analysis of social media metrics through hashtags is essential in calculating social media engagement. 

5. Know Your Target Audience

Knowing the target audience helps you generate content more aligned to the needs of that audience. With this, you gain audience loyalty. Also, emphasize generating appealing content that captivates the audience.

6. Remember Timelines

When coming with a social media strategy, analyze the timelines when you receive the most audience paying attention to your posts. Creating posting slots at such timelines can increase your visitors and build a stronger audience base for your brand.

7. Creation Of Quality Content

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When it comes to social media marketing, your post’s quality content has a bearing effect on setting you apart from competitors. It is thus vital to have the foundation of social media strategy based on quality content. Humans are naturally programmed to be drawn by quality content, therefore its importance.

In Conclusion

To conclude, the COVID19 pandemic having made business to adapt with an increase in online marketing. Social media marketing is going to be strong in 2021. Thus with the adoption of these 7 strategies, you could easily build up a huge customer following as well as loyalty. It is all about a competitive business advantage, after all.

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