typescript vs javascript

Typescript vs Javascript: What’s the Difference?

It will be quite difficult to differentiate between the typescript and javascript if you have never worked on a web development project. Notably, Javascript is more popular as it has been used as a scripting language for so many website projects. 

On the other hand, typescript was developed more recently in the year 2012 by Microsoft. The reason was that the javascript code was too complex to handle, especially on large-scale applications. Hence, the typescript was developed ideally for large-scale applications.

Difference Between Typescript and Javascript 

typescript vs javascript

Typescript vs Javascript has a notable similarity as all JavaScript codes are compatible in Typescript. Thus, Typescript is regarded as a superset of Javascript or a Javascript with various features. 

However, their compatibility does not mean that they are the same.  Before we outline typescript vs javascript, it is essential to have a grasp of how each of these languages looks like. 


Aside from the fact that javascript is popular as we mentioned earlier, it has also been an integral part of web applications for so many years, hence, enhancing the dynamics of web pages. Javascript is a high-level language with dynamics for client-side and server-side implementations. 

It comes with a syntax that is similar to Java as well as it’s standard libraries. We recommend JavaScript for starters as it is the best and easiest scripting language to learn. Below are some unique features of JavaScript: 

  • Functions with server-side and client-side implications 
  • Compatible to all browsers 
  • Comes with Just In Time Compilation
  • Flexible, dynamic, and cross-platform
  • Weakly typed


TypeScript as we mentioned earlier is similar to JavaScript when it comes to its purpose, however, it is more functional for developing large applications as it compiles source to source compilation to JavaScript. 

It functions with an object-oriented programming language structure and it supports features like inheritance, interface, classes, and so many more.

 Also, you can make use of static typing through type annotations. It is easier to debug during compilation especially when coding large projects. Below are some features of Typescript: 

  • Aids easy maintenance as well as project productivity 
  • You can decide to use annotations and static typing 
  • It is compatible with object-oriented features such as classes. 
  • Early errors are detected with ease as well as debugging. 
  • It has full-fledged IDE support. 

Is TypeScript Better Than JavaScript?

typescript vs javascript
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The JavaScript vs Typescript argument continuous as they are both compared with each other. However, people continue to even ask more questions. 

Questions like Should the Typescript be more often used than the Javascript since it is regarded as a subset of Javascript? Another question is since it has been established that the Typescript is a subset of JavaScript, does that mean it is the most preferred for all kinds of projects? 

A direct response to two of these questions is “no.” The typescript was not designed to make Javascript obsolete. Javascript remains one of the most favorite client-side scripting languages across the globe. 

However, it is challenging to use the JavaScript programming language for bigger projects, leading to the designing of the Typescript programming language. 

When it comes to how the Javascripts operates, it can be run directly from a browser with ease on small projects and you can also refresh and debug with ease.  On the other hand, for the Typescript code programming language to run, there is a need for a proper IDE. 


Javascript vs Typescript differences is notable for us to see. Like we mentioned earlier, Javascript is suitable for starters and those working on a small project. Typescript on the other hand is most suited for experts who have a big project to handle. 

Learning typescript gives you an edge over job opportunities in comparison to javascript. According to our research, the average salary per year for a javascript developer and a typescript developer is $110,000 and  $148,000 respectively. 

Also, if you learn typescript, you can easily find your way around both javascript and typescript. Hence, we recommend the typescript programming language for professional coding on big projects, while for smaller projects, the javascript. 

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