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Attractive Responsive Websites: What is Bootstrap?

With the increase in technology globally, the need to have websites have become almost inevitable. Hence there is a need to build more attractive and responsive websites.

If you are into any form of web-related activities, there is a likelihood that you would have heard of Bootstrap. A bootstrap is a handy tool when it comes to building highly responsive websites.

Since people access various websites using different types of devices, having a responsive website not only improves user experience, it also helps to improve your site’s ranking in search engine result pages.

That said, there is no doubt that building a responsive site from scratch can be a difficult task for most beginners. As a result, there is a need to find less stressful means of achieving the same results.  So if you are looking for a less stressful tool for building a responsive website, then Bootstrap is what you need.

Irrespective of your niche or industry, Bootstrap has a template to suit your taste or needs. Here, you find all you need to know about making attractive and responsive websites using Bootstrap, what is Bootstrap, and many more.

What is Bootstrap?

In simple terms, Bootstrap is a collection of the powerful toolkit that is made up of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML tools. These tools help in making web applications and pages. Even more, Bootstrap is a free project that was created by Twitter but now hosted on GitHub.

what is bootstrap

Bootstrap comes in two forms which are as a source code and as a precompiled version. While the source code version makes use of a lesser CSS preprocessor, the precompiled version uses more of the CSS preprocessor. 

It is also important to note that all precompiled designs can be overridden by customized designs.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is one that is capable of being compatible with different kinds of browsers, screen sizes, and devices. Besides, there is a high demand for responsive websites as it helps to improve the readability of published content.

Bootstrap UI Components and Templates

The bootstrap toolkit comes with a several CSS and HTML templates and UI components such as Forms, Tables, Typography, Glyphicons, Buttons, Input Groups, Dropdowns, Tabs, Pagination, Modals, Carousels, Progress Bars, Alerts, Navigation, Badges, Labels, and many more.

Importance of Bootstrap

  1. Helps in Building Mobile Responsive Websites

If you are looking for a tool that can help you in building sites that are highly responsive on mobile devices, then Bootstrap is the right tool.

Bootstrap comes with a framework that helps in easily creating sites and web pages that are mobile responsive.

  1. It is a Free and Open Source Tool

Building websites can be a costly task. But Bootstrap serves as a free and open-source tool for developers to use in building web pages and websites of their choice.

  1. It provides a Consistent Design

Unlike other web design tools, Bootstrap features a library that comes with various design styles and templates to help you make designs that are consistent all through your website.

  1. Easy to Use 

You would not want to use a tool that is complex and not user friendly. With Bootstrap, any developer with basic knowledge of CSS and HTML will be able to design and build an attractive, functional, and responsive website.

Even more, with basic knowledge of JQuery and Javascript, any developer will be able to create the website interactive.

  1. Easy to Publish and Host

One major concern web developers often have when choosing a design tool is the ease of hosting. However, with Bootstrap, publishing and hosting your site on any hosting account is easy. All you need to do to publish the site to your web hosting account is to make use of a File Transfer Protocol client.


what is bootstrap
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Overall, if you are looking for a less expensive and easy way of making attractive and responsive websites, then Bootstrap is your right plug.

If you are wondering what is Bootstrap, you will find all you need to know in the article. Bootstrap is easy to use and offers you several advantages.

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