what is css

What is CSS and Its Role in Web Development?

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets also known as CSS is a programming language that shows exactly how the HTML components of a site should look at the start of the page.

Without a doubt, CSS plays a key role in the entire web development process as it helps in providing developers with control over both presentation and layout of pages thanks to its ability to separate design from content.

Despite being introduced in the year 1996, CSS has unarguably gained popularity when other web browsers began supporting some of its features.

That said, CSS offers several advantages such as its ability to store cache once loaded making web pages load faster, ability to link different documents on a site, and consumers less bandwidth.

Importance of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

what is css
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  • It is Compatible with Many Browsers

Another advantage of the Cascading Style Sheets is that it is highly compatible with all web browsers. Thanks to this characteristic, CSS tends to appear similar in all browsers.

  • It Helps Websites Load Faster

One of the major advantages of CSS is that it helps web pages to load faster. Once your browser downloads CSS rules, it caches them and enables them to load a site’s pages.

Even more, it helps in enhancing the user experience as well as speed up a site’s navigation.

  • Reduction in Bandwidth

Cascading Style Sheets helps in separating your site’s design language from its content. As a result, it helps in reducing file transfer size. 

Additionally, this makes your Cascading Style Sheets document only available when a user makes a request. This leads to a reduced bandwidth which makes loading time shorter and can also reduce the cost of not only designing your site but also hosting your website.

  • It Helps in Creating Mobile-Friendly Websites 

As technology improves, there is also an increasing demand for mobile-friendly websites. CSS helps to meet that demand by providing mobile-friendly sites for printing. This makes printing of hard to print and colored materials easy.

  • User-friendly to Search Engine

If you want your website to appear in search engines easily, then you need the Cascading Style Sheets. The Cascading Style Sheets allows you to position your site’s element anywhere you want hence making it easy for web spiders to capture your content.

Besides, it also provides HTML codes that help the web spiders to easily find your site’s main content from the unwanted content.

  • Customization

Thanks to the external storage feature of the Cascading Style Sheets, users can customize their websites as well as able to make changes whenever they want.

Furthermore, some advanced browsers also allow developers to choose their style sheets making it possible to change properties such as font, colors, and many more.

  • Display

One of the features that make web pages to stand out is its ability to be compatible with different media. With the help of CSS, you can make your web page have different display styles hence capable of displaying on any type of device.

  • Improves a Webpage Presentation

CSS gives developers an added level of control when it comes to design interactivity and flexibility. Developers can customize the layout to suit their style and needs since customization using Cascading Style Sheets is easier compared to HTML.

  • Makes Updates Smoother and Easier

Cascading Style Sheets works with rules that are applied to several elements on the website. This helps in reducing errors thus making updates less monotonous and faster. 

It is also important to mention that since the design is separated from the content, making updates and other changes on the website is easier, faster, and smoother.


what is css
Image Source: unsplash.com

Cascading Style Sheets also known as CSS is a powerful programming language that helps to make web development easier and more customizable.

In the field of web development, CSS helps to make updates easier, make web pages load faster, make your website user-friendly among others.

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