What is JavaScript Used For

Quick Intro: What is JavaScript Used For?

What is JavaScript Used For? When it comes to programming languages, JavaScript is unarguably one of the most famous. In simple terms, JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that provides for an easier and attractive web development process.

Generally, JavaScript serves as a handy tool for making responsive and interactive designs for websites hence helps to improve the overall user experience. 

JavaScript is suitable for use on both the server and client-side. Even more, it makes it possible to create interactive web pages.

While CSS and HTML provide style and structure to websites, JavaScript makes the website interactive and engaging. Examples of JavaScript applications include a search box, Twitter feeds, and recap videos, just to mention a few.

When you incorporate JavaScript into your website, it helps to convert a static web page to a more interactive page.

If you have been asking what is JavaScript used for, then you are at the right place as this article will provide you all you need to know about JavaScript as well as examples of JavaScript.

What is JavaScript Used For?

what is javascript used for

If you are wondering what is JavaScript used for, it is safe to say that JavaScript has many uses. Although JavaScript is used majorly for web browsers and web-based apps, it can also be used in hardware controls, servers, and software.

Some of the primary uses of JavaScript includes the following:

Adding Interactive Behavior to Web Pages

One of the key things JavaScript is used for is the addition of interactive elements to websites and pages.

JavaScript allows you to add any form of interactive element to your website or page. Some of the interactive elements that can be added using JavaScript includes:

  • Show or hide information with a single click
  • Change a button’s color each time a mouse is on it.
  • Adding the zoom in and out feature
  • Sliding through a collection of images located on the site’s homepage.
  • Playing both video and audio on a website 
  • Showing animations 
  • Use of drop-down menu
  • Showing countdown timer on a webpage

Creating Mobile and Web Applications

Most JavaScript frameworks can also be used for building and developing mobile and web applications. The frameworks are a collection of pre-written codes that are designed to perform common tasks on web applications or websites.

Some examples of JavaScript frameworks for front-end development are Angular, React Native, Vue, Node.js and React. However, many developers make use of the Node.js framework.

Developing Server Applications and Building Web Servers

Thanks to Node.js, JavaScript can be used for developing an internet infrastructure back-end. Even more, JavaScript is Al’s useful when it comes to building basic web servers.

Game Development

JavaScript is used for creating games that can be played on internet browsers. Developers can use browser game development to practice and hone their skills.

Programming Flying Robots

JavaScript Node.js can also be used for programming robots to fly.


With the use of JavaScript, drawing graphics have been made easy. You can conveniently draw any type of graphics you want on a web page or website. It also supports the drawing of both 2D and 3D shapes on a canvas.


What is JavaScript Used For

Overall, JavaScript remains one of the most popular languages used in programming. JavaScript has continued to expand and develop to include elementary like app development, game development, mobile app development, art, and several other areas.

Whether you are a novice or expert, JavaScript is suitable for you. We hope we have been able to answer the question “what is JavaScript used for.”

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