what is php used for

What is PHP Used For? How Can You Start Learning?

A popular and general question people tend to ask is what is PHP used for? However, it is vital to know what PHP is before you proceed to understand its uses. 

PHP is a type of programming language like every other programming language that is used to improve websites that are built using HTML. The PHP programming language has several uses amongst which, includes:

  • Adding a log-in screen using a server-side code or Captcha code to a website. 
  • Construct calendars for effective time planning 
  • Aiding in the redirection of visitors to other pages on your site. 

The Essentials for Learning PHP 

what is php used for

Now that we have answered the question “what is PHP used for,” it is vital to know how one can start by learning the PHP. Hence we have come up with some essentials for you that will aid you in learning PHP. 

We are aware of how difficult it can be to learn a programming language from the scratch as so many people do not know how to even start. For this reason, people give up even before starting. 

We wish to let you know today that learning PHP is not difficult as people make it seem, all you have to do is to go through the learning process one step at a time. If you take your learning seriously, you’ll have a complete grasp of how PHP works in a short while. Here are essential ways you can learn PHP:

1. Basic Knowledge 

It is always advisable to understand the basics of HTML before you begin to learn PHP. But if you already have a knowledge of HTML, you can proceed to learn PHP directly. 

When you have a good knowledge of these two programming languages, it will help you to switch between HTML and PHP in the same document with ease. Also, you will be able to run PHP from an HTML file. 

2. Tools 

Notably, you can use the same software to create pages on HTML and PHP, through the aid of any plain editor. However, there is a need for an FTP client to transfer files from your computer to your web host. Most HTML website owners are conversant with the FTP program. 

3. The Basics 

There are basics you need to understand now that we’ve¬†answered the question “what is PHP used for.” Below are basic skills to master:

  • Knowing how to start and end PHP coding. 
  • Knowing the basics of dropping comments that do not execute in the code, but reminds programmers of who works on your code. 
  • Knowing how to properly make use of the echo and spring statements. 
  • Knowing how to set a variable and efficiently use an array. 
  • Knowing when and how to use conditional and nested statements. 
  • Knowing how to use operators as well as operands. 

3. Learning Loops 

After mastering the basic skills of PHP, you can proceed to learn about loops. Learning about loops aids in evaluating if a statement is true or false. When a statement is true, the code is executed which alters the original statement and restarts again by re-evaluating. 

The process of this re-evaluation only stops when the statement is no longer true but false. Loops have different types like the for and while loops. You can research more to learn about these loops. 

PHP Functions 

what is php used for

The PHP functions perform a particular task. Programmers find it easy to repeatedly perform the same task, by simply writing the function just once. By doing so, it helps you save space and time respectively. 

Even though PHP comes with predefined functions, you can learn how to customize your functions as you progress. I hope we’ve been able to answer the question “what is PHP used for” and “how you can start learning the basics of PHP.”

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