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5 Great WordPress Security Plugins to Brave the Online World

Online there is always a chance of risking our privacy, we are constantly vulnerable to being attacked and our information being used for malicious purposes. We usually use our email for storing information that can include sensitive data too such as our bank information or perhaps other accounts can be connected to one email. Due to interconnectivity it is easy to send malware to our smart devices, steal credit card numbers, identity theft or hacking into our online social media accounts as was the case for Mat Honan’s hacking ergo, it is crucial to secure in whichever way we can against online threats. That is where Internet Security comes in, it involves protecting activities and online transactions from attacks. This form of protection includes a lot of security strategies such as Firewalls or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) et al. 

WordPress security plugins

In the case of Mat Honan’s hack, the culprits only wanted to take his twitter account but due to multiple accounts and online property coupled together, they were able to go through all of his digital presence in merely a few hours, the start of which happened from his website linked to the twitter account. If you are looking into building a website, with WordPress being the most common content management system so people mostly go for it, make sure to increase security measures and think actively about how to keep refreshing your passwords. 

Now that you have decided to start from WordPress and have put the theme and content for your business, let’s look at the 5 most popular ways to add internet security to your property. 

Google Authenticator

From Mat Honan’s report, it is clear his hacking would have stopped if he added the Two-Step Verification by Google. If the cyber criminal knows your website and email, in order to change the password they would need the verification code sent to your mobile to access the Gmail account. Since you would be the only person who can see the password sent to the phone, you can check for any threats and undo them. 

In order to activate the google authenticator on your WordPress site, you would have to start from adding the Google Authenticator plugin to your WordPress that is available in the security tab of your site. Once you are done  here, install the google authenticator application on your smartphone and add your website on the app, you can either put your website manually or scan the QR code on our WordPress website. The two factor authentication protects your website and keeps you safe from brute force attacks.  


By adding this firewall your website can run faster and protect you from malware and hackers. Sucuri as a security company can protect you WordPress by making the traffic go through a firewall that helps send legitimate traffic to the website. 

A great feature of Sucuri is it comes with a scanner, this scanner can protect a WordPress website from being blacklisted by Google or other services such as Norton or Opera etcetera. It audits the WordPress for all the activity performed on the site such as failed login attempts, or logging history including all the changes made on the website. It keeps the owner of the property informed about all the activity on it. Another amazing benefit of Sucuri is how cost effective it can be when it comes to keeping your site safe and cleaning it up of any malware that it detects. It is already present in the WordPress plugins repository and can be found by just going to the plugins and searching for it. After installing the Sucuri, it can be activities very easily. 

JetPack Security 

Just like its name, this plugin is loaded with many features including but not limited to a Twitter wedge, social media sharing buttons, statistics, a spell checker etc. Jetpack can make a WordPress site work faster by loading the heavy work on their servers. Not to mention, it makes blogging easier by adding features that can detect and make changes to the document. JetPack also provides a two-factor authentication option that can make the site more protected against cyber criminals logging in via brute force. 

iThemes Security Pro

This plugin is abundant with security measures to protect our site from attacks online. IT includes features such as captcha to protect it against bots, Locking the websites after a certain number of failed attempt logins, scanning your website for malware etc. The installation is also as simple as the JetPack plugin, where you can find it in the plugin repository of your WordPress site. 


WordPress has a Vulnerability Database that includes 21000 known security threats related to plugin vulnerability or theme vulnerability etcetera, the WPScan plugin scans the website to find these vulnerabilities. 

There are more than a few plugins that can help keep a WordPress site safe from attacks and hacks, they are extremely crucial when we leave a digital footprint behind with our most secure data saved online. With the world becoming digitally advanced there will always be  threats lurking round the corner for suspicious activity, therefore we should do our best to tackle the situation before it is out of our control. 

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